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The city of Križevci is located at the crossroads of roads that connect regional centers: Zagreb, Koprivnica, Bjelovar and Varaždin. One of the associations in the name of the city, accidentally or intentionally, points us to the intersection of roads, as this area was since antiquity and the Middle Ages a crossroads of traffic routes. Križevci was on the way of the the King Koloman road connecting Pannonian and Adriatic ends. Understandably, the road routes favored the development of the city, as it was the intersection of trade and military roads, as well as the proximity of feudal estates, Kaptol, episcopal and religious. An additional contribution was given by the railway to Zagreb and Budapest, built in 1870, and to Bjelovar in 1894.

Križevci lies at 140 m above sea level, on the south side of Kalničko gorje and owing to its geographical position the area has a temperate continental climate with colder winters and warmer summers. Križevci region abounds in natural beauty, tourist potential and cultural resources. Fertile lowlands suitable for growing various crops and hills at the foot of Mount Kalnik as created for vineyards, cellars and orchards, are the reason why the surroundings of Križevci are predominantly agricultural. 21,122 inhabitants live in an area of 263.72 km², of which 11,231 in Križevci itself (2011 census data).