Križevci and Kalničko prigorje are well connected with several bike paths. The trails pass through the existing roads with little traffic and visit cultural and historical attractions that reveal the centuries-old history of Križevci’s Upper and Lower Towns, lead to the mysterious Knights Templar in Glogovnica, fortified medieval churches in Kalnik, Sv. Petar Orehovec, Gornja Rijeka and to the fortifications of Veliki and Mali Kalnik.

Bike paths and roads around Križevci and its surroundings are intended for cyclists, recreationists, families and everyone who enjoys life in nature.

Bike around Prigorje is a circular path that passes through interesting parts of the surroundings of Križevci and Kalničko prigorje.

The path is demanding, and in its entire length recommended for cyclists in shape. For everyone else, there are several alternative routes of return. The trail starts in the center of Križevci, passes through Gornji grad and turns right next to the cemetery in the direction of Apatovac. It passes through Ivanec Križevački and Glogovnica, where the picturesque landscape is dominated by the spacious late Gothic parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In Marinovac, the trail turns left towards Osijek Vojakovački, an agricultural place on the hill of which stands the church of Sv. Nicholas. At the foot of the place there is a charcoal kiln where one can attend the traditional way of making charcoal. The trail continues towards Vratno, a picturesque strait in the eastern part of Kalnik. After turning left towards Kalnik, at the foot before the ascent, there is a source of drinking water which supplies Križevci and its surroundings. After 3 km of ascent, you come to the center of Kalnik.

The main trail continues towards Obreške klijeti, while the right branch of the trail from Kalnik leads to the remains of the Old Town of Veliki Kalnik and the Mountain Lodge. The trail passes through the street of old vineyard cellars, locally known as “Ilica”, and in Vukovec it exits on the main road to Gornja Rijeka. Along the valley of the Reka stream, the trail leads through Donja Rijeka, Barlabaševec, Lukačevec to Miholec where it turns right towards Brežani and Ravenska kapela, a lake that is a famous gathering place for hunters and fishermen. Following the Črnec stream, the trail leads to Dubovec and Veliki Raven, where the end of the church of Sv. Ladislava turns right towards Mali Raven, Špiranec and Prikraj to return in a circle past the railway station in Križevci to the city center.