Križevci and Kalnik highlands have been a lure for mountaineers since the end of the 19th century. Numerous well-marked hiking trails and roads, the hiking lodge on Kalnik will satisfy all categories of hikers and recreationists.

Kalnik is one of the popular hiking spots in Croatia, which stretches for 16 kilometers, with an average height of 400 to 500 meters through two parallel ridges. The northern ridge is wooded, and the southern ridge has protruding rocks. A large part of Kalnika gora has been declared a protected landscape, and the area around Mali Kalnik has the status of a special botanical reserve.
Rarely does a mountain in Croatia offer such a diverse mountaineering, climbing and tourist experience in such a small area as Kalnik, where you can enjoy discovering numerous hiking and mountaineering trails, start an educational trail or embark on a climbing adventure, and at the same time be a witness to the turbulent history of this region or just enjoy a good meal in a nearby mountain lodge.
On the following links there are interactive maps of hiking trails that pass through the Kalnik area:


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