Planinarski dom Kalnik

Mountain lodge Kalnik is located on the Kalnik mountain, in its central part at an altitude of 480 meters.
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Florek i Florica, Room 001

Florek & Florica Room001 offers accommodation in a beautifully decorated room in Križevci, including free WiFi and free private parking.
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Sobe „Kapetanova kuća“

Rooms located in the Upper Town along the alley of chestnut trees. It offers large living room, two bedrooms, one of which is a single room, equipped as a captain’s room decorated with details of the ship’s cabin, garden with BBQ facilities, free WIFI and parking, TV.
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KTC sobe i apartmani***

The facility is located in a quiet part of town, 10 minutes from the train station and the city center.
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