Kalnik is geologically specific because it was formed at the junction of two tectonic plates, the southern one belonging to the Dinarides and the northern one belonging to the Alps, where an imposing rocky mass was formed at a relatively low altitude.

The height of the rocks varies from 10 to 50 meters and are ideal for sport climbing.

Kalnik has over 200 climbing routes of varying difficulty. Most routes start in the shade of the forest that surrounds the Kalnik peaks.

About 90 directions are located on the south side of Kalnik, and the rest on the north side. Most directions are marked with their names in the form of small graffiti on the location itself.

The largest number is located near the Old Town and Mountain Home, near which there is also a free parking lot.

The directions are secured with 10mm spikes, and the stands are secured with two spikes and a chain.

Five of the most attractive climbing routes on Kalnik are located in the immediate vicinity of the Mountain Lodge and the Old Town.